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Sharp Select 8 pc Eco Kit

Sharp Select 8 pc Eco Kit

BUY NOW/ BOGO Sale $29.99
Buy two Eco Kits for the price of one; your second set is FREE!


Our new Super Shammy does it all…and then some. This totally absorbent product miraculously holds ten times its weight in liquid! Designed for even the most extreme clean-ups, our Shammy differs from the rest because it dries extra soft and ready to use. Our Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are streak-free, spot-free, lint-free, dust-free and clean all surfaces like no other. The extra benefit is they are extremely eco-friendly. Your Set includes:


  ●  4 super-absorbent man-made chamois cloths  

  ●  4 reusable microfiber cleaning cloths, including one for windows, one for wood, one for stainless steel and one multi-purpose cloth

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