I own at least $2,500 in Wusthof knives and I loved them. My wife purchased a set of your knives at Sam's Club for $60.00 and they are now my preferred knives. Not only are they sharper than my Wusthof, they are more comfortable to use. I love your knives! I admit that I was a knife snob, but no longer. Great product, works as advertised and at a ridiculously low price point.



Phoenix, AZ


A demonstration at Walmart was what convinced me to purchase your Chef set. I use them every day and was amazed at how incredibly precise and sharp these knives are. You don't need any other knives than these. I was able to make an entire meal out of one chicken breast by filleting it into multiple pieces. Fed a family of five! I have never been able to do that before. Definitely worth the purchase!



Dallas, TX 


Great new product! I bought the cloths a couple of weeks ago and love them. I bought a second set as a gift for my sister. Would you recommend? Absolutely


Debbie M

Linden, N.J.


I would like to purchase a set of Knives.  I recently purchased a set at a Wholesale Club in Dallas Texas, and am really impressed! What is the process to purchase another box of your wonderful knives?


Willie J

Dallas, Texas


I bought my brother and his fiancé a set of the Gourmet knives after a demonstration in Niagara Falls, NY. They haven't shut up about them since, so i want a set myself. Can you tell me when there will be another demonstration in the area?


Cory C

Niagara Falls, NY


These knives are beyond my expectations.  I received mine for Christmas.  They are worth every penny.  Where I can find another set of these knives to give to each of my three girls? They're great.


Barb P

Miami, Florida



Yesterday, I was at my Wholesale Club was given a coupon for a free paring knife. I watched the demo of your Gourmet Series knives. Unfortunately, I did not purchase the set. Last night while preparing dinner, I used the paring knife. It was incredible. Absolutely amazing!. Will there be other demonstrations in my area soon?


Joan R

Riverhead, NY



"Thank you so much.  It is a pleasure to deal with your company and I will happily purchase more in the future for myself and for gifts as well."



San Antonio

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