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Gourmet Series 7 Pc Cutlery Set

Gourmet Series 7 Pc Cutlery Set

Our ergonomically designed handles make these knives a joy to use with precision and comfort every day.


Each Set contains:

  ●  2 Gourmet carving knives 

  ● 1 multi-purpose filet knife 

  ●  1 amazing Chef knife

  ●  2 essential paring knives 

  ●  1 stainless steel 12" Robo-Whisk


You can now own the exquisite Gourmet Series cutlery set, produced with pride from Hessler Worldwide. We’re so confident in the quality of these knives that we guarantee them for a lifetime. Our blades are made of tempered and hardened high-carbon Surgical Stainless Steel that never needs sharpening. 


As a bonus we have included our amazing new Robo-Whisk, the mixing miracle. Whether you’re a professional chef or an avid foodie, the Gourmet Series cutlery set is the ultimate compliment for any kitchen and will help you serve delicious gourmet meals.

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